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After more than a year...

2011-06-05 15:08:48 by Violinius

I finally have uploaded another song! It isn't doing to well as of when I am posting this. I hope some people like it though. I intend to get a lot more done during this year (one song posted a year isn't that good.)

Im gonna go...any minut now

2010-04-26 03:08:46 by Violinius

So, I haven't posted. I have been working on a song that I want to show on NG, but I haven't had alot of time to finish it. Finals are coming up, so I'm sure I'll get it just the way I want once summer break rolls around. maybe by browsing, I'll find some inspiration. :/

Here I go!

2010-03-14 16:02:24 by Violinius

So, I think I'm actually going to get involved on NG now... I hope it goes well. I Tried drawing , but my art is poop on a pencil. However, there's Music on NG. That's what I'm excited about. I hope I can get a good start and post some things, now that I have Acustica Mixcraft 4.